Oct 29, 2018

25 Awesome Costumes from Halloween ’14

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Halloween is a great showcase for fun, creativity and self-expression. Every year people make costumes that scare us, make us laugh and wow us with their ingenuity and craftsmanship. As one of the 50 largest websites in the world, reddit has become the de facto place online to share people’s amazing Halloween costumes.

Below you will find 25 of the Sifter’s personal favourites. You can click any image (or the text link underneath each image) to be taken to the original post where you can find additional information about each costume (along with some hilarious commentary).

I can’t wait to see what creative ideas people will come up with next year!


1. Best Halloween Broadcast
Skeleton Weatherman



2. Best Pop Culture Reference
The Royal Baby Costume



3. Best Group Costume
Will Ferrell Movie Characters



4. Best Children’s Story Costume
Where the Wild Things Are



5. The Cutest Little Old People



6. The Most Adorable Calvin & Hobbes



7. Working What You Got to the Max



8. Best TV Character Costume
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth – Futurama



9. Best TV Character Runner-up
Dana Scully – The X-Files



10. The Trippiest Halloween Costume



11. Best Supervillain Costume
Krang – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



12. Best Superhero Costume
Inspector Gadget



13. Best Wheelchair Costume



14. Simple but Effective
Stu (Ed Helms) – The Hangover



15. Son Goes as Dad for Halloween



16. Best Office Costume
Bill Lumbergh – Office Space



17. Best ‘Morph Suit’ Costume


18. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turbans



19. Hannibal Lecter



20. The Scariest Little Costume
The Xenomorph – Alien



21. The Headless Weatherman



22. Best LEGO Man Ever



23. Terracotta Warrior Costume!



24. Waka! Waka! Waka!



25. Chocolate Lab Kiss




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