Oct 29, 2018

Abyss Horizon Coffee Table by Christopher Duffy

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Abyss Horizon” is the latest coffee table from design studio, Duffy London (featured previously).

Continuing their theme of tables that simulate the dramatic depths of the ocean, Abyss Horizon measures 110 cm (43.4 in) wide and 47 cm (18.5 in) tall and is made from sculpted glass, Perspex, and wood.

The handmade table will be limited to 25 editions and are available to view through the Sarah Myerscough Gallery. For more from Duffy London check them out at the links below.






“I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the sea does as it deepens. I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed.” – Christopher Duffy





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