Oct 29, 2018

Artist Uses Toy Dinosaurs to Add a Creative Twist to his Travel Photos

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In an ongoing Instagram series entitled #dinodinaseries, photojournalist Jorge Saenz uses toy dinosaurs to add a creative twist to his travel photos.

The project was recently featured on Instagram’s official account which boasts over 144 million followers. They explained:

The Argentine photojournalist imagines names and distinct personalities for the creatures who lead adventurous lives as the subjects of his #dinodinaseries. “Dina (the big green Stegosaurus) is more aggressive and instinctive; Spiny (Spinosaurus) is mostly ironic; Brachy (a brown Brachiosaurus) is the romantic girlfriend of Dino, but very critical of male behavior,” says Jorge. His captions, written from the dinosaurs’ point of view, reveal an alien perspective of humans and Earth — as if the toys time traveled from prehistory. As his dinosaurs explore our world, even Jorge isn’t always in control of their fate. “Dinoldo, a very intellectual one, for example, sought refuge in Cuba … And a beautiful Velociraptor was lost in an avalanche of sand.”


To see more of the #dinodinaseries follow @jorgesaenzpy

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