Oct 29, 2018

Family Makes Amazing Gingerbread Replica of the Hotel from The Shining

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For the holidays, reddit user eudicotyledon and her family created a gingerbread version of the haunted hotel from The Shining, complete with a rice krispie maze and interior rooms depicting famous scenes from the film.

She says the project took about two weeks on and off with a non-stop 72 hours at the very end to get it complete. The family doesn’t actually eat the gingerbread house and it usually lasts for about 3-4 months.

If you’re interested in seeing more, you can also find a ‘making of’ album on Imgur. What a fun and creative project (although she admitted it was challenging at times) to bring the whole family together for the holidays.

[via eudicotyledon on reddit]




Walls are covered with fondant and icing, roof is covered with quinoa and powdered sugar, windows are made of melted jolly ranchers. [source]





Wallpaper printed on edible paper. [source]




Jack and Wendy in the bathroom



“Here’s Johnny!”



The building is almost 4 feet long. [source]



Room 237






The three-story ballroom. [source]






Blood made of melted jolly ranchers. [source]




View of the maze from above. Made entirely from green Rice Krispie Treats. [source]





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