Jan 28, 2019

25 People Who Totally Nailed Halloween

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While trick or treating is tonight, most costumes were unveiled this past weekend at parties across the globe. The subreddits r/pics and r/funny are always gold mines for creative, funny and downright scary Halloween costumes and this year was no different.

Below you will find a list of 25 people who totally nailed Halloween. Hats off to these creative souls that put such amazing effort into their costumes!

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1. Amazon Prime!

Costume by caronarnold



2. This Mail-Order Bride

Costume by Manda-lee23



3. This Guy that Dressed Up as his Own Cat

Photograph by redditmeman



4. Black Friday the 13th

Photograph by thisjordanperry



5. Kid President with Secret Service Mom

Photograph via Can_confirm_am_liar



6. A Legitimately Terrifying ‘Demogorgon’

Costume by CBLimagery



7. DIY Avocado Costume (belly recommended)

Photograph via tefanol



8. This Guy 3D Printed His Own Face

Photograph via CaptainMumble



9. The Cast from Coming to America!

Photograph via Badlay



10. Han Cholo

Photograph via Brosephs



11. You Know Nothing Jon Snow White

Photograph via snugglewitme



12. PC Bro from South Park

Photograph via grizzlyunicorn



13. Wayne’s World!

Photograph via enelprinceofthemoon



14. Peter Pan’s Shadow

Photograph by GallowBoob



15. General Tso Chicken

Photograph via 754600



16. Moby Dick in a Box

Photograph by cornonthecobster



17. Tyrone Biggums from Chappelle’s Show

Costume by Chrisherreraart



18. Amazing Cracked Doll Makeup

Makeup by julialexis85



19. Weird Al (but really, it’s all about the dog’s face)

Photograph by FiredogDavy



20. This Bird of Paradise

Photograph via omgmypony




21. Awesome T-Rex Made With Mattress Foam and Spray Paint

Costume by LordBrandon



22. NintenDUDE



23. Freddie Mercury

Photograph via lumpkins98



24. A Giant Mousetrap

Costume by hiitsjen



25. This Family’s Costumes for the Past 5 Years!

Costumes by Deconstructress





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