Jan 28, 2019

98 Unprocessed Foods Cut Into Perfect Cubes

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Award-winning design studio Lernert & Sander were commissioned by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant to make a photograph for their special issue about Food. The studio transformed 98 unprocessed foods into perfect cubes of 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm (.98x.98x.98 in).

The image recently appeared on reddit, where members attempted to identify each food cube. User ChanguitaShadow took all of the guesses and overlaid the text onto the image (see the last image in this post). Several identifications are still up for debate.

If you’re interested in a limited edition, 40×50 cm print of the food cubes, they are selling for €500 through their website.

[via KevlarYarmulke on reddit]


Photograph by Lernert & Sander | Prints



Photograph by Lernert & Sander | Prints



Photograph by Lernert & Sander | Prints



Photograph by Lernert & Sander | Prints



Photograph by Lernert & Sander | Prints




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