Jan 28, 2019

Artist Turns Prosthetic Arm Into Badass Tattoo Machine

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French artist JL Gonzal made this incredible ‘kinetic sculpture’ for tattoo artist JC Sheitan using an existing prosthesis, adding a functioning tattoo machine (nicks rotary) the artist can use like a regular tattoo gun.

The steampunk-inspired design was embellished with a rusty brown patina and mechanical parts from an old typewriter and gramophone.

You’ll be glad to know the needles, grip tube, nipple and rubber are all disposable just like any other tattoo machine. Check out the badass prosthetic in action below.



According to Seeker, artist JC Sheitan lost his right arm below the elbow over 22 years ago but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion. He did, however, have to learn how to draw with his left hand.



Sheitan says the prototype is more of an ‘exhibition kinetic sculpture’ and is not his daily tool. The biggest issue is how long it takes to properly clean everything but that he would definitely use a future version with increased functionality and ease-of-use improvements made.
You can check out some of Sheitan’s work below and see much more on his Facebook page.


Artwork by JC SHEITAN


Artwork by JC SHEITAN


Artwork by JC SHEITAN


Since Sheitan lost his arm so many years ago he never used his right arm for tattooing. So until he relearns how to draw with his right hand, the prosthesis is only used for fills. He leaves the detailing and lines for his left hand.



As previously mentioned, the needles, grip tube, nipple and rubber are all disposable



To see more from the creator of the tattoo machine prosthetic check out JL Gonzal on Facebook. To see more from tattoo artist JC Sheitan, check out his Facebook page



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