Jan 28, 2019

Bored Commuters Can Ride This Bike and Knit a Scarf With 5 Minutes of Cycling

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Cyclo Knitter is a project by design student George Barratt-Jones. The goal? To make waiting for your train in the winter more enjoyable by making a human-powered machine that creates scarfs in 5 minutes. George adds:

“Imagine Its the midst of winter. You are cold and bored waiting for your train at the station. This pedal powered machine gets you warm by moving, you are making something while you wait and in the end you are left with a free scarf! That you can decide to keep yourself or give to someone who needs it more.”


Below you can find a video of the Cyclo Knitter in action along with a gallery detailing the making of the machine.

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Started with an assignment to make something with a weaving technique for the Design Academy Eindhoven. I like making projects that are useful and make people smile. So I decided on making waiting for your train in the winter more enjoyable.



Building the scarf tower.



Scarf tower complete with knitting machine in place.



Creating the gears to connect the bike to the knitting machine.



Gears in place and connected to the bike. I used old bike inner tubes as drive belts.



Adding a base for the whole setup.



Created some visuals to go with the bike.



She works!



Let’s test her at the station!



Great success! Made over 30 scarfs in 2 hours. And hopefully brightened up some people’s days.


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