Jan 28, 2019

Brushstrokes in Time by David Ambarzumjan

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19-year-old David Ambarzumjan is an amazing artist and painter living in Munich, Germany. In an ongoing series of oil paintings entitled, Brushstrokes in Time:

Ambarzumjan juxtaposes what was, what is and what can be, using outer space as a canvas to tap into different times and places and explore how the force of nature and above all, humanity shaped our earth.


Ambarzumjan currently auctions the miniature 20×20 cm paintings on his Instagram page, while the larger work is available as a print through Society6.

Below you will find highlights from the ongoing series along with timelapse videos that show how each painting comes to life from start to finish. For more, check out his work at the links below.


David Ambarzumjan
Website | Instagram | Prints



















David Ambarzumjan
Website | Instagram | Prints


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