Jan 28, 2019

Incredible USA Counties Map Made from Over 3,000 Carved Wooden Blocks

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Artwork by Ben Graves


Ben Graves, 80, a retired oil refinery chief, now spends his days over a scroll saw, creating amazing maps out of various types of wood. Graves tells My San Antonio that it’s a hobby he loves and finds relaxing.

The generous artist has donated over a dozen wooden US maps to schools around Texas and he also donated the incredible USA county map (contiguous US) above to the Kerr County office. In a post on Facebook, Graves son, Bendy, says the 8 ft wide by 5 ft tall county map took over 6 months to build.

Below you can see an amazing close-up of another map Graves made that shows all of Texas’ counties.


Artwork by Ben Graves



My San Antonio: Kerrville craftsman donates maps made of various woods
u/uluman on reddit
Ben Graves on Facebook



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