Jan 28, 2019

Picture of the Day: From Doom to Boom

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“From Doom to Boom” is an incredible new mural by artist Collin van der Sluijs that can be found on the 9-story wall of 1006 S Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The mural features a yellow-headed blackbird that was once common but has now disappeared from Chicago due to loss of habitat, pool land management and invasive species. The other is a red-headed woodpecker that is in need of conservation before it too disappears from Chicago.

The mural is part of the Wabash Arts Corridor and van der Sluijs also has his debut US solo show, Luctor Et Emergo, from May 7–28, 2016 at the Vertical Gallery in Chicago.

Collin van der Sluijs is a renowned painter and illustrator from Maastricht, The Netherlands, where he lives and works. He started writing graffiti at the age of eleven, and when he was twelve he began his studies at the professional painting college in Goes. He spent the next eight years studying various art disciplines in different schools across the Netherlands and graduated from the Academy of Art and Design St. Joost in Breda in 2004 with a Masters degree in fine art.

You can find a complete list of available works by van der Sluijs here. To learn more about the mural, check out Collin’s website.




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