Jan 28, 2019

Stunning Glass Blown Animal Sculptures by Scott Bisson

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Scott Bisson is an amazing glass artist based in Philomath, Oregon. The artist’s handmade, glass blown animal sculptures are amazing works of art and can be found in numerous galleries and homes around the world. On his website’s about page, Bisson provides a glimpse into his journey in glass:


Scott began his journey in glass in Philomath, Oregon when he was seventeen. Bending glass tubing over a flame in a high school chemistry class piqued his interest and unknowingly a lifetime obsession and career began. After several years as a hobbyist, Scott made the acquaintance of Skip Horton and later Buzz Williams. With their guidance and tutoring, glass became Scott’s livelihood and ruling passion. For the next four years, Scott led a dual existence as a flame worker and furnace worker. In 1994, Scott took a class at the Pilchuck School of Glass with the world famous Robert Mickleson. This was truly a turning point. According to Scott, “Pilchuck opened my eyes and imagination to what was truly possible and I have never recovered.” In 2004 he studied and lived in Murono, Italy under the direction of Cesare Toffolo.
Scott has now been blowing glass for nineteen years and is currently represented in close to 80 galleries spanning the United States. He specializes in borosilicate flame-work and translates his love of nature into whimsical representations of the world he sees.



You can see all of Bisson’s sculptures on his website, where you will also find a list of galleries currently selling his work.






















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