Jan 29, 2019

12 Artful Displays of Vegetables

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Two recent posts on Reddit this week (here and here) showed grocery stores with some beautiful and artful displays of vegetables. That made me curious to know what other amazing vegetable displays were out there on the glorious Internet.

A quick search on Flickr revealed not only supermarket vegetable art, but a variety of annual Fairs and Shows focused around farming and flowers, where presentations of vegetables are judged and rewarded. Below you will find a small gallery of vegetable arrangements that caught my eye. Let everyone know in the comments of any other fairs, shows and stores that have striking displays of vegetable art!


1. ICA in Tyresö, Sweden

Photograph by tretorn on Reddit



2. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA



3. RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park



4. Zupan’s in Portland, Oregon, USA



5. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA


Photograph by Carol Moshier



6. Derbyshire County Fair



7. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA



8. Puyallup Fair, Washington, USA



9. Gateshead Summer Flower Show



10. Chelsea Flower Show



11. Chelsea Flower Show

Photograph by UGArdener on Flickr



12. Chelsea Flower Show




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