Jan 29, 2019

18 Classroom Portraits Around the World

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Classroom Portraits is an ongoing series by photographer Julian Germain that started in 2004. Germain received his MA from the Royal College of Art in London and has had exhibitions around the world. He has also published several books including Classroom Portraits 2004 – 2012.

The series engages the viewer because the portraits trigger memories of our own school days, our classmates and the desire to know what happened to them. As we are taken on a tour of classrooms around the world we see both the diversity and universality of the classroom setting.

As Tom Shakespeare for Archive Magazine puts it:

“…the power of the images is in their direct connection to the viewer. We remember our own schooldays and wonder what happened to our own classmates. By presenting different pupils, different schools, different year groups, Germain asks questions about contemporary educational practices and social divisions. Already we can imagine the life trajectories of some of these young people. Here are faces full of hope and promise. Here also, is the silent threat of failure. Aspiration competes with apathy…” – Tom Shakespeare. Archive Magazine, October 2005

Below you will find a small gallery of Germain’s fascinating classroom portraits. Be sure to check out his website where you can see an online gallery of 30-pictures as well as find out more information on where to purchase his books and learn about his other projects.



1. Germany, Düsseldorf, Year 7, English classroom





2. England, Erith, Year 10, English





3. Qatar, Grade 10, Religion





4. Argentina, Buenos Aires, San Fernando, Year 3





5. Taiwan, Ruei Fang Township, Kindergarten, Art





6. The Netherlands, Rotterdam, Secondary Group 3, Motor Mechanics





7. Nigeria, Kano, Ooron Dutse, Senior Islamic Secondary Level 2, Social Studies





8. Peru, Tiracanchi, Secondary Grade 2, Mathematics





9. Holland, Drouwenermond, Primary Year 5, 6, 7 & 8, History





10. Yemen, Sanaa, Secondary Year 2, English





11. Cuba, Havana, Playa, Year 9


Photo taken during National television screening of film Can Gamba (about Cuban participation in Angolan Revolution)




12. England, Bradford, Year 7, Art





13. Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Series 6, Mathematics





14. Saudi Arabia, Dammam, Kindergarden, Activities





15. Tokyo, Japan, Grade 5, Classical Japanese





16. USA, St Louis, Grade 4 & 5, Geography





17. Yemen, Manakha, Primary Year 2, Science Revision





18. England, Keighley, Year 6, History












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