Jan 29, 2019

Amazing Vertical Panoramas of Church Ceilings

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The Sifter has already profiled the fantastic work of Richard Silver for his New York Sliced series. In his ongoing exploration of his hometown city of New York, Richard takes us on a tour of beautifully designed church ceilings around NYC.

Each photo is a vertical panorama composed of 6-10 photos stitched together. Shooting from the pew to the exit door and back again, the dizzying 180-degree view wonderfully captures the intricate detail and design of each church’s ceiling.

Be sure to check out Richard Silver on Behance where he has 9 fascinating projects posted. You can also find his work on his personal website where there are some amazing travel shots and information about his book, “Tilt-Shift” ing the World




Photograph by Richard Silver






Photograph by Richard Silver






Photograph by Richard Silver






Photograph by Richard Silver






Photograph by Richard Silver






Photograph by Richard Silver











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