Jan 29, 2019

An Entire Amusement Park Crushed Into a Cube

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In a fascinating sculpture entitled Once by James Dive, we see an entire amusement park crushed into a 4 x 4 meter (13.12 ft) cube.

James is a member of The Glue Society, an independent creative collective based in Sydney and New York. The sculpture was done for the Sculpture by the Sea exhibit in Aarhus, Denmark. The exhibit is Denmark’s biggest outdoor sculpture exhibition and took place from June 1 – 30, along Aarhus’ coastline. It was accessible at any hour and free to the public. This year featured more than 60 sculptures from around the world.

Once contains everything from an old fun fair, including: rides, games, stalls and prizes.

[via Wired.co.uk, The Glue Society, Sculpture by the Sea]


Artwork by James Dive/The Glue Society
Photograph by Clyde Yee via Sculpture by the Sea on Facebook



















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