Jan 29, 2019

Artist Uses PVC Pipes to Knit a Giant Blanket

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After finding three giant bags of wool at a garage sale, Imgur user and knitter Otterknot decided to make a gigantic knitted blanket, using two huge pieces of PVC pipe for knitting needles. She posted the step-by-step process to Imgur which you can see below.

[via Laughing Squid]


1. Getting the right thickness

Made by Otterknot


“First I had to lay out the wool batting in rows to get the right thickness. This took about 5 hours.”


2. Rolling up giant wool sausages

Made by Otterknot


“Then I had to tightly roll up the wool into long tubes and tie them off so they wouldn’t fall apart while I washed them in the bath tub to lightly felt them. Didn’t get a pic for that part cause I didn’t want to drop my camera in the water”


3. Hang dry

Made by Otterknot


“The wool then went outside and hang dried on the clothes line, like magical cotton taffy.”


4. Wind and prepare

Made by Otterknot


“Next I wound up the ‘yarn’ and made knitting needles out of PVC pipe.”


5. Then came the knitting

Made by Otterknot


“I’ve never sweat while knitting. But the wool weighed several lbs and wielding the pvc pipes was a chore!”


6. Finished product

Made by Otterknot




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