Jan 29, 2019

Brandalism Project Subverts Billboards Across the UK [25 pics]

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Over a five day stretch, the Brandalism project saw 25 artists from 8 countries come together for the biggest subvertising campaign in UK history. Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol and London all saw billboard spaces co-opted by these street artists.

The term brandalism was first coined by writer Sean Tejaratchi and would be later popularised by Banksy. The initiative covers a gamut of artists from diverse disciplines such as: street art, graffiti, political art, culture jamming, photo montages and illustrations.

The main site where you can see all of the artwork, thoughts, themes and reasons for this initiative is at: http://brandalism.org.uk

The gallery is still being updated, but it’s interesting to hear why some of these artists feel so strongly against the advertising industry. You can get a taste of some of their thoughts here.

For now, please enjoy the gallery below, as it’s quite likely many of the pieces have already been taken down or covered up.




1. Bill Posters in Manchester





2. I-Lib in Manchester





3. Paul Insect in Leeds





4. Ron English in Manchester





5. Infected By Design in Leeds





6. KennardPhillips in London





7. Space Hijackers in London





8. Cleon Patterson in Birmingham





9. Shift//Delete in Manchester





10. Robert Montgomery in Bristol





11. Paul Insect in Manchester





12. Ghost Patrol in Manchester





13. Broken Fingaz in West London





14. Shift//Delete in Manchester





15. Dan Birkbeck in Leeds





16. Polyp in Birmingham





17. Eyesaw in Bristol





18. Leo Murray in London





19. Bill Posters in Birmingham





20. Polyp in Manchester





21. Robert Montgomery in Bristol





22. Paul Insect in London





23. Polyp in London





24. Ron English in Bristol





25. Hannah Adamaszek in Bristol












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