Jan 29, 2019

Celebrity Photo Mosaics by Charis Tsevis

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Charis Tsevis is an award-wining visual designer and illustrator living and working in Athens, Greece. He serves a global list of clients from his studio, Tsevis Visual Design. He’s also a part time professor of Editorial Design at the AKTO College of Art and Design. In a recent showcase on Behance, Charis shared his incredible collection of editorial illustrations from 2011-2012.

Tsevis specializes in photo mosaics which are large portraits consisting of hundreds and thousands of smaller images. You can see each ‘macro image’ below is made from a variety of visuals that represent or portray each individual. Charis was also kind enough to post his incredible photo mosaics to Microsof’s Zoom.it so you can really magnify his work to see the detail and intricacy of his pieces (some are as large as 127 megapixels!).

This is only a small selection of his illustration work showcased on Behance, be sure to check out the entire post for more!



1. Hugh Laurie for TV Guide









2. Shaquille O’Neal for Fast Company









3. Steve Jobs for Discover Magazine









4. Thom Yorke & Coachella by the numbers for OC Weekly





5. “I Like Facebook” for Fortune Magazine






Not a celebrity, but I ‘Liked’ it too much and had to include it 🙂










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