Jan 29, 2019

Creative Cross Sections of Everyday Foods

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Beth Galton is a New York based photographer specializing in still life and food photography. In a conceptual series entitled Cut Food, Galton, in collaboration with food stylist Charlotte Omnès created a series of cross sections of everyday foods like eggs, noodles, soup and ice cream.

While the more ‘solid’ foods shot nicely, capturing the liquid-based meals proved challenging. Food styling tricks like using gelatin to solidify the liquids for example, helped to capture tricky cross sections like the two soups below.

You can find the entire series on Beth’s official website, along with more interesting photo projects. Galton is represented by True MGMT. She is also a co-founder of Our Seasonal Table, a blog at the intersection of photography and seasonal food.

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Photograph by BETH GALTON




Photograph by BETH GALTON




Photograph by BETH GALTON




Photograph by BETH GALTON








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