Jan 29, 2019

North America from 30 000 ft Above

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Luc Busquin is a Belgian fine art photographer and professional pilot. Now living in Phoenix, Arizona, Busquin pursues his passion for aerial photography which he describes as:

“A place of different scale, colors and shapes whose great beauty I find irresistible. With aerial photography, my goal is to filter out the presence of the aircraft to create a view of the sky free of the machines needed to take us there. Whether on land or in the air, my images depict the relationship between the world above us and the land below.”

In his series entitled Airborne: Part I, Luc shares his collection of black and white aerial photographs of North American landscapes. You can see the rest of the series on Behance, and if you are interested in any prints, please visit Luc’s official website at: lucbusquin.com/prints




1. Little San Bernardino Mountains, California





2. Circular Fields, Kansas





3. Yosemite Valley





4. Powder River, Wyoming





5. San Francisco, California





6. Winter in the Midwest





7. Altar Desert, Mexico





8. Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado












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