Jan 29, 2019

Picture of the Day: Long Exposure Keyboard Zoom

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Photograph by LUKE STAFF
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How cool is this! Photographer Luke Staff took a long exposure of his backlit keyboard while slowly zooming in and this was the result. Luke posted the image to reddit back in December of 2013. In the comments Luke explains how he got the shot:

“Setup the camera tripod, set the camera to manual with ISO 400, 4 sec exposure, and 5.6 aperture then started the exposure, with the shutter open I zoomed the lens pausing at the be[ginn]ing and end. It took a ton of tries to get it right. The room was also completely dark except the keyboard backlight. You can bump the exposure time if you want to use a smaller aperture or ISO. Also depending on how bright the backlight is on your keyboard you may have to lower the ISO anyways. I centered on the letter “L” because my name is Luke.” [source]


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