Jan 29, 2019

Picture of the Day: The Power of an Orange

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Photograph by Caleb Charland


In this awesome photograph by Caleb Charland, we see an LED located inside sliced wedges of an orange. The cool part is that the LED is powered by the orange itself. As Caleb explains:

“Recently one Sunday I spent the day at the kitchen table playing with oranges, copper wires and galvanized nails. My hope was that I could make this on going project work with a single piece of fruit. I tried cutting it into slices and wedges but that ever present voice in my head reminded me the SIMPLER IS BETTER. It only seemed logical to use the orange’s natural wedges as the cells for the battery. The wedges are held up-right with an armature of small wooden skewers. The LED is nestled with in the bounds of the orange wedges. I’m still amazed this worked…though it did require 14 hours of exposure.”


A great concept and amazingly executed! Check out calebcharland.com for more impressive conceptual work.





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