Jan 29, 2019

Storyboards from Ten Popular Films

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Preparation is an essential part of a director’s job and storyboards are one of the tools filmmakers use to help plan difficult and complicated shots. In an ongoing column by the Directors Guild of Americas Quarterly, original storyboards from films we all know and love are shared on their site.

Be sure to visit the Directors Guild of America for ongoing updates of this fantastic series!

[Flavorwire via The Atlantic]


1. Inception Storyboard

Artwork by Gabriel Hardman



2. Gladiator Storyboard

Artwork by Sylvain Despretz



3. Jurassic Park Storyboard

Artwork by David Lowery



4. Star Wars Storyboard

Artwork by Lucasfilm Ltd.



5. Gone with the Wind Storyboard



6. Forrest Gump Storyboard

Artwork by Chris Bonura



7. Transformers Storyboard

Artwork by Ed Natividad



8. James Bond – Tomorrow Never Dies

Artwork by Martin Asbury



9. Spiderman 2 Storyboard

Artwork by Chris Buchinsky



10. Psycho

Artwork by Saul Bass







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