Jan 29, 2019

The Incredible 3D Chalk Art of David Zinn

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David Zinn has been creating original artwork in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1987. He’s a self-taught artist with a B.A. in Creative Writing and English Language from the Residential College of the University of Michigan.

In addition to his fabulous 3D chalk art, Zinn also has an impressive portfolio of posters, illustrations and logo design.

In David’s ongoing chalk art series, he brings a wonderful collection of creatures and animals to life. One of the most popular characters is the adorable Sluggo who seems to get into all kinds of fun and mischief with his friends.

I love how Zinn incorporates elements of the city into his work. He uses cracks in the sidewalk, draws on the sides of fountains, and even manages to make his characters peek around corners! Below you will find a small selection of David’s amazing work. Be sure to visit his website for 60+ chalk art images, they are all equally wonderful!

If you’re interested in Mr. Zinn’s services, he is available for any and all of the following:

– Illustration for books, brochures, advertisements, t-shirts, bus signs, presentations, etc.
– Graphic design for posters, brochures, advertisements, t-shirts, etc.
– Logo Design
– Educational Comics
– Chalk Art



1. Lazy Leafraker




2. Monocle Sluggo



3. Save Water Sluggo



4. Leprechaun



5. No Diving



6. Bump in the Day



7. Billiards



8. Here Be Dragons



9. Sluggo’s Subway



10. Sluggo Busking



11. Chalkfest Sluggo



12. I Brought Breakfast



13. Sluggos ATM



14. Brickfishing Sluggo



15. Paintfoot Sluggo



16. Standoff



17. Spring Training



18. Sluggos Hibernation



19. Troll Gifting

troll gifting by david zinn The Incredible 3D Chalk Art of David Zinn



20. Heartbait









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