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Your House is on Fire. What Do You take?

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The Burning House is a project by Foster Huntington. The concept is simple:

If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.


With over 400 submissions, this fantastic project has culminated with the upcoming release of the Burning House book, which will officially launch on July 10, 2012. The book features over 200 entries with over 50 exclusive shots.

The Sifter already highlighted the Burning House project back in October of 2011. Here are 20 more fascinating submissions from the last six months.
Be sure to check out http://theburninghouse.com/ for more



1. Philipp Dorian Leibig



Name: Philipp Dorian Leibig
Age: 34
Location: Innsbruck, Austria
Occupation: Photographer and IT
Website: www.dorian-pictures.com

my wife and me
a old glas
watch (IWC)
cufflinks (Tiffany)
family ring
wedding ring
car key
Canon EOS 5D Mark II (not on the picture)
Tamron 70-200 2.8
Canon L 24-105 4
Canon L 100 2.8
Canon L 16-35 2.8
old postcard from bavaria
Dalmore whisky
harddrive’s with photos, important documents and memories
Canon speedlights
my beloved heidi klum shirt



2. Jean-Paul Rossetti



Name: Jean-Paul Rossetti
Age: 36
Location: Grenoble / France
Occupation: Webmaster
Website: www.jprossetti.com

old pictures of my parents with me when i was a kid
old poster of Archive Sleep (my talisman to sleep well)
polaroid picture of my first apartment, with my cat
cd of Elephant by the White Stripes (favorite band)
“Art & Lutherie” folk guitar
15” MacBook Pro
iPhone (missing, took this picture with it) and earphones
glasses and sunglasses (myopic)
book “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole
book “1984” by George Orwell (special edition)
“Jaavanse Jongens” dutch tobacco (an hungarian friend’s favorite)
yoyo from Guggenheim museum of New York
knife from my father
old Everlast baskets
one american dollar
“The Sun” of 15-17 august 2003 (blackout in NY)



3. Victor Clabbers



Name: Victor Clabbers
Age: 20
Location: Venlo, The Netherlands
Occupation: Student photography
Web: http://clickdoesashutter.tumblr.com/

Dutch army jacket
Rayban Wayfarer
Canon FT QL analoge camerabody
Canon FD 28mm F2.8 lens
1 Kodak T-MAX 400 film
iPod Touch 8gb
Canon 50mm F1.8 lens
Canon eos 40D d-slr (took the shot with it)
portfolio map
Some inportant photo’s and negatives



4. Joana Dionísio



Name: Joana Dionísio
Age: 33
Location: Lisboa, Portugal
Occupation: Graphic designer
Website: http://www.behance.net/joanadionisio

My four legged flatmates Muzimba and Gaspar
Sankyo Super 8 camera
Canon AE1 Program camera
External USB Drive
Box filled with photographs and negative film
First communion cross and Jesus icon
Telephone handset
Amsterdam sweat-shirt
picture-painting of my father – a gift for father’s day from the 80s
Book “Seeing & Thinking” by Britta Möller (limited edition 187 of 250)
Book “Liberty Gallery” by Joana Dionísio (limited edition 1 of 22)
Atlas from 1824
Very old Money box in the shape of a book
And there’s Raul, he would be with me or possibly away somewhere safe from the tragedy.
I wouldn’t forget my mobile phone and ID card, these would be in my pocket the whole time.
I would regret not taking any sketchbooks with me though…



5. Ashton Ireland



Name: Ashton Ireland
Age: 22
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: Printmaker
Website: http://water-and-woods.tumblr.com/

Banjo & case I built for it this summer.
Wool blanket from home in Maine.
Moleskin + Faber-castell pens
Leatherman (on my belt at all times)
Keys to work, parents house, and bike locked outside.
Drink coasters found with friends in an abandoned cabin in Maine.



6. Owen DeWitt



Name: Owen DeWitt
Age: 40
Location: Waterville, Maine
Occupation: Artist
Website: http://www.grimsheep.net/

Hudson Bay Blanket -My Grandmother’s
Teapot – My Grandmother’s
Sega Dreamcast Jacket – A wedding gift from a friend
My favorite boots
Watch – My Grandfather’s
Watch – A gift from my wife
Pocket watch – My other Grandfather’s
Swiss Army knife
My first Munny
A nesting screwdriver my Grandfather asked I give to my first Grandchild
My favorite knife
A good blaster
Native Canadian carving – A gift from friends
My childhood dish set – Now my daughter’s



7. Trevor Paulhus



Name: Trevor Paulhus
Age: 33
Location: Boston. Ma | Dallas. Tx
Occupation: Photographer
Website: trevorpaulhus.com & tumblr

samantha. my 5 yr old yellow lab
framed crayon drawing from my nephews, dylan & cole
#nike running shoes
#sprawl bjj/running shorts
#northface winter hat
mac book pro
ipad II
#rugglesmade cross stitch hoop. “i’m pretty sure i’m better than you”.
iphone 4s
#canon #s100
#burberry money clip w/ aa advantage miles amex/drivers license/birth certificate/ss card
my first pair of imogene + willie jeans
vintage store checkered shirt & white v neck tshirt
red bandana
keys to my apartments/parents house/brothers house/p.o. boxes
the two necklaces i wear everyday
vintage boots
all packed into #northface backpack



8. François Dupont



Name : François Dupont
Age : 27
Location : Nantes, France
Occupation : Designer
Website : www.francoisdupont.fr

A absolutely indispensable book : Les miscellanées de Mr. Shott (Ben Schott)
Best french magazine : XXI (Last issue)
My favorite comic strip : Gaston Lagaffe (N°9)
Coca Tea
Pim’s (as much packs as possible)
Very good sunglasses
Canon 30D
Canon 70-200mm f2.8 L IS USM
Spare lithium-ion batteries (x2)
Vintage Polaraoid SX-70 Alpha 1
External hard drive
Andean talisman of the sun god Inti
Fiskars scissors (best scissors ever designed)
Pens & pencils (including a Faber Castell pencil with cap-sharpener)
White rubber
Victorinox Swiss Knife
Top quality wallet (with Andean Jalq’a weaving)
Cool fetish dices, all faces with a 6 number (x6)
AC/DC Back In Black album
Swatch watch
Visit cards
Really comfortable shoes to walk
The newest jean I could find in my wardrobe
A warm cardigan-fleece
My favorite white polo shirt
A bright color t-shirt
To finish, I’ll try don’t forget my heart, soul and brain !



9. (Anonymous)



Name: (Anonymous)
Age: 29
Location: Charlotte, NC
Occupation: Journalist
Website: http://chiaroscurotv.tumblr.com/

Fender P/J Bass
Skateboard w/ Independent Trucks
Ancestors’ Crucifix
St. Christopher Medal
Glow-In-The-Dark Rosary
Ironlak and Rustoleum Spray Paint
Graffiti Marker and Mop
“Main” New Era Snapback (1 of 5 made)
Vans Shoes
Homemade Beer
Homemade Liquor
Gibson Explorer Guitar



10. Yvan Alvarez



Name : Yvan Alvarez
Age : 21
Location : Geneva (Switzerland)
Occupation : Student photographer
Website : 291samsara.tumblr.com

Hard drive
My first photograph album
My dogs : Romy and Schona
Canon 500n
Yashica Electro 25gx
My first Polaroid film
Zippo offered
Two rings
Cell phone
Travel souvenirs
MacBook Pro
Polaroid 635



11. Predrag Trokicic



Name: Predrag Trokicic
Age: 46
Location: Negotin, Serbia
Occupation: unemployed
Website: http://splavmeduza.wordpress.com/

photo,me like a child and like a painter
Leica digilux1( in the mirror)+LOMO LC-A
Clean+Unclean Cups
wood carving chisels
brush for schellac
trowel for venetian plaster (gift from Aneta L.)
notebooks with my haiku poems and favorite pencil
moleskine notebook (gift from Jelena R.)
favorite eyeglasses
little knife from my grandfather
self defence tool called BOXER (gift from my father)
pernica -it means Pencil Box



12. Julio Cesar



Name: julio cesar
Age: 35
Location: Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Occupation: designer & Photographer
Website: www.flickr.com/photos/duxjc/

drawing model,
kit (tape measure, knife, needle & nylon line, decongestant nasal spray, nail cutter, lunch knife, magnifying glass, wallet and flashlight)
book (the art of fencing duel),
vertigo (comics sandman)
cell phone,
card reader and SD card,
charger cell,
speedball brayers,
compass kern,
linen tester,
pencil masonry,
rod design and collection of Pen Points,
boleador (to fold),
scissors (35 years),
Ank cord (I ordered in silver),
external hd,
3d glasses,
book typography,
art journal,
set of chisels and gouges,
a xylography,
folding bone,
classic pencil box,
Nikon D5000 ,
Olympus trip 35,
samples of paper and rechargeable batteries.



13. Dejana



Name: Dejana
Age: 27
Location: Brussels, Belgium / Nis, Serbia
Occupation: violinist
Website: http://dejanasekulic.com

My violin
Mum+dad+sister polaroid snaps (always in the violin box)
Soap Bubbles
external hard-drive
My “doodle” notebook
Multicolor pen
5b pencil (also always in the violin box)
“The God’s fiddler” Heifetz documentary
“Mama I love You! William Saroyan
Wish Care Bear



14. Sarah Busch



Name: Sarah Busch
Age: 24
Location: Minnesota, USA
Occupation: Anarchist cat owner
Website: sarahtakespictures.com

The procedure: wake up family, including feline members. Scoop cats up-football style, run. Those are the only essentials, but in an ideal world the additional items would be bundled neatly next to a fire exit.

Wooden heart my dad made me
Small wooden box from best friend
Two sentimental necklaces, incl. agate pendant my mom made me
Photo album for pics with no digital backup
Letters, cards, a couple other personal docs (tucked in laptop)
Felco 6 pruner, gold standard of pruners
Favorite Lake Superior agate
Community DVDs (want laughter)
Favorite coat (want insulation)
Glasses (want vision)



15. Alison Buenviaje



Name: Alison Buenviaje
Age: 25
Location: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Photographer
Website: www.alisonbuenviaje.com

Twelve years of writing in 16 journals (2000-2012)
Favorite Blanket
A painting my nephew painted for me, “Auntie Al – you are the Best girl”
Hiroshi Sugimoto, exhibition book, 7 Days 7 Nights
Ways of Seeing, a gift from M.P.
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, signed by Eric Carle
Old photographs of my mom and dad
An old photograph of my grandpa
Photograph taken and signed by Catherine Opie
Kodachrome film
A ring from Barcelona
A ring from Cape Town
Ticket stub, Monogold at The Mercury Lounge, New York
Mom and dad’s wedding album
Laptop, external hard drives
Canon 70-200mm lens
Passport, drivers license, social security card, phone, keys
Not pictured: Canon 5D Mark II



16. Sean Jurewicz



Name: Sean Jurewicz
Age: 24
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Occupation: Tour Manager

Grandpa’s Hunting Rifle
Grandpa’s Hatchet
Grandpa’s Buck Knife
Motorcycle Glasses
Favorite Hat
Oakley Glasses
Key Wallet
Favorite Band T-shirts
Vinyl Collection
Favorite Bandannas



17. Rut Vidal



Age: 39
Location: Barcelona
Occupation: Infographics and graphic design
Website: www.rutsenseh.com

My two children
Shell Camino Santiago
Gin bottle
Brompton (catalog)
My book
Pilgrim badge
Official document family book
Ultrasound of my children
A little memory box
Chargers and headphones
Camera photos Nikon D90
Photographic lens 18-200mm
Forest Princess
Photo box
Envelopes with memory letters
Little Notebook
Car keys
Reading my favorite book
Thesis about Typography Enric Miralles
Spinning shoes
Walking shoes



18. Isaac Miller



Name: Isaac Miller
Age: 23
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Occupation: Photo Journalist/Photo Editor/Recent Graduate (yikes)
Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/isaacmillerphoto/

Cold Beer
Manhattan Portage bag
Warm furry hat
Extreme shades + lanyard
Wild Turkey headwear
Medusa wallet
Timex Heritage watch
Green jacket with pockets everywhere
My Grandpa’s ridiculous multi-tool with holster
Marshall headphones
500 gig external hdd
Leather camera case and camera, lenses, etc
Trusty belt



19. Michael Damen



Name: M. Damen
Age: 43
Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Occupation: Photographer
Website: www.damenfotografie.nl

My wife and 3 kids
Photo’s, digital (HD) and analogue
Swiss knife (present from my dad)
Zeiss binoculars (present from my dad)
Drawings from all
My 1982 original Vans
My 1988 Parker pen (present from my first boss)
Original 1988 Wayfarer
13” Macbook Pro
Serious first camera: F3hp+50/1.2
Contax G2+45/2.0
Konica Hexar RF + 35/2.0
D3 +AF-S 35/1.4
14-24, 24-70, 70-200
Minolta 5400 scanner
My good old DV Sony cam + tapes
Akai MPC2000 sequencer/drumcomputer



20. Sue Maheu



Name: Sue Maheu
Age: 47
Location: Montreal
Occupation: Writer
Website: www.ohmontreal.com

my laptop
my iPhone (although it would be a good time to upgrade)
little norwegian house sculptures
our passports
a little bark boat Ella made for a grade 3 presentation on the Iroquois
our Dixie doodle (and sweet little Pluto, the hamster – not shown)
my favourite shirt
a vintage fisher price camera bought on ebay just before Livie was born
bubba the duck
a vintage batman car we bought at Brick Lane in London soon after my husband and I met
my wallet
my life – and their dad (not shown)









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