Jan 30, 2019

Stunning PC Case: Wood and Glass Beats Plastic Ass

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This is crazy.

You’re in an elevator with an old friend you haven’t seen since high-school. “Just visiting the Big Apple,” you say. He presses ‘PH’ and up you go. He tells you how great Manhattan is and how well he’s doing. The doors open and your eyes widen.

Panoramic views, original prints, the Viking range, the Sub-Zero fridge, a flat-screen TV measured in feet, and a yappy little Bichon named Ferragamo. He then shows you the home office where the ‘magic happens’. The desk is massive, the chair looks regal, and his three-panel LCD display impresses. You then look down and see an ugly, black, plastic PC tower. Gross.

He notices you noticing and mutters something about its amazing performance and specs. You nod and say have you heard of Suissa?

Although the Suissa Enlighten is fully-customizable, here’s the ‘stock’ parts under the hood:

Micro ATX motherboard, Intel Quad core CPU, NVIDIA GTX 285 2GB video card, 12GB PC3-12800 memory, 2TB + 300GB hard drive space, DVD burner, 750w power supply

Enlighten’s design dissipates heat through the use of aluminum around the power supply and DVD drive and through careful venting of air into, around and out of the main housing. By separating the power supply and DVD out of the main housing, we have been able to avoid a cascading heat effect found in many computer designs.

It’s also fully modular, so when technology changes next week, your sexy wooden case can accommodate. Check out more at: Suissa Computers

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