Jan 30, 2019

The Yarra House: Interior Design Inspiration

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All Photographs by Peter Bennetts

The Yarra House in Melbourne, Australia provides a beautiful source for interior design inspiration. Often used interchangeably (and mistakenly) with interior decorating, interior design draws on several other disciplines in addition to interior decorating such as: environmental psychology, architecture and product design.

Designed by Leeton Pointon architects, Susi Leeton architects and Allison Pye Interiors, the Yarra House was the recent winner of the 2009 Australian Interior Design Awards in the category of ‘Colour in Residential Interiors’.

Leeton Pointon Architects on the Yarra House:

A carefully considered response to a very steep site with understated ‘mute’, gently sloping, roughly rendered walls and a curved concrete roof. Celebrating modern Australian family life, a generosity of space without ostentation that is practical and serviceable.

The Cool Hunter’s Andrew J Wiener on the Yarra House:

A fluidity of surfaces is witnessed in the Yarra House. Floors become walls; walls become ceilings; and ceiling opens up to sky. Light cascades down oak and white plastered surfaces. It washes over limestone and marble, illuminating art, furniture and every handcrafted and natural surface throughout the house. The focal point and central pivot of the house is a sculptural circular stair. This transitional element divides the entire double-storey space as it stretches out under a steep exterior site. Curved surfaces play against rigid lines in a style that the architects describe as ‘archaic’ – an effortless blend of both the primitive and artistic. Materiality was the primary factor in the selection of timbers, stone and every other interior feature.

All of the materials used work together beautifully

Love the colour scheme used throughout

Fantastic outdoor patio furniture and setup

Infinity Pool + Tennis Court = Good Living

All photography by Peter Bennetts – http://www.peterbennetts.com/project/view/project/yarra-house
Yarra House Design by Leeton Pointon: http://www.leetonpointon.com/projects/yarra_house
Yara House Design by Susi Leeton: http://www.susileeton.com.au/
First Spotted on The Cool Hunter: http://www.thecoolhunter.net/article/detail/1623/yarra-house–melbourne

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