Jan 30, 2019

This Bowl is Pho Clever!

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Pho is life. Pho is delicious. Pho is cheap.

For those that don’t know, pho is a Vietnamese beef and noodle soup often served with basil, lime, bean sprouts and peppers. A typical pho restaurant will offer a variety of beef like tripe, tendon or beef balls. You can also substitute the beef entirely with chicken or fish, the choice is yours!

Not much has happened in the world of Pho design-wise. You have a large bowl and a series of smaller dishes of ingredients you can add to your soup once served, keeping things fresh and delicious.

Along comes industrial designer Omid Sadri with a pho’kin brilliant idea. Why not make one giant bowl that still keeps the ingredients separate? Omid’s bowl takes up less space, is easier to carry and looks absolutely beautiful!

Get Pho-miliar!

Pho in one!

This is Pho Real

Take a Pho-to it lasts longer

Things are getting out of con-pho

Pho-ton Torpedo

ET Pho Home?

I’ll be honest. Brilliant design aside, this was all just a clever ruse to assault you with a series of brutal puns. Thanks for playing 🙂

Be sure to check out omidsadri.com for more creative designs from Omid.

This bowl was first seen on Yanko Design. I strongly recommend you check out their site if you enjoy industrial design. They have brilliant stuff and are very current. The site looks fantastic as well, drop by and say what’s up!

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