Jan 30, 2019

Well Placed Stencil Skaters by TR853-1 (Trase-1)

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In his latest project, Singapore-based street artist TR853-1 aka Trase-1 uses stenciled skateboarders with great success. In this series it’s all about location, location, location. By incorporating the stencil skaters into their environment/surroundings the little guys take on a gravity-defying life of their own.

One of Singapore’s prominent activists in the local street art movement, Trase has been actively involved in grooming Singapore’s young street art scene since he started graffiti writing in ’99. From his initial beginnings as a young graffiti artist scrawling the streets, he has embraced both street art and fine arts into his practice resulting in his own unique style in juxtaposition of text and imagery.

A full-time street artist, Trase is regarded as one of the leading young artists responsible for pushing boundaries and overseeing the progression of the local graffiti art movement. Awarded the inaugural Goh Chok Tong Youth Promise Award in 2005, Trase was given the opportunity the extend his education in Art, eventually graduating with an Honors degree in 2007.

Trase’s specialty in handling the spray paint has won him several awards and competitions, at both local and international levels. He has also exhibited numerous works in several world traveling exhibitions, mainly in Asia, USA and Germany.

Check out TR853-1’s blog for more dope street art

Check out TR853-1’s blog for more dope street art

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