Nov 20, 2020

An Introduction to Fine Art Through Funny Simpsons Mashups

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@fine_art_simpsons is a popular Instagram account doing funny photoshop mashups, inserting various Simpsons characters into classic artworks.

The account takes it one step further in the caption, citing the original artist’s name while Simpsonizing the title, exposing people in a fun way to fine art. Some of the artworks are instantly recognizable but others may just be vaguely familiar or completely new.

You can find some of the Sifter’s personal favourites below but be sure to check out @fine_art_simpsons on Instagram for more!



1. Wassily Kandinsky – Autumn in Knoxville


2. Lawren S. Harris – Murderhorn in Snow


3. David Hockney – Isolated & Weird


4. Hokusai – The Great Wave (of Real Acid)


5. Gustav Klimt – The Kiss (… The Baby Looked at Me)


6. Nicolas Poussin – A Dance to the Music of the Queen of Summertime


7. René Magritte – La Pierre du Triomphe


8. Cy Twombly – Untitled (Springfield Elementary)


9. Claude Monet – Haystacks


10. Alfredo Ramos Martínez – Flores Mexicanas


11. Mark Rothko – Everything’s Coming Up Yellow, Blue, Orange


12. Emily Carr – Northern Reticulated Forest


13. René Magritte – The Blank Signature (I Bring You Love)


14. Edgar Degas – Three Dancers on a Stage


15. René Magritte – The Art of Sweet and Tasty Living


16. René Magritte – Le Raté (The Dud)


17. Caspar David Friedrich – Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog


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