Nov 21, 2020

The Best Halloween Costumes of 2020 (So Far)

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It’s been a weird year but that doesn’t mean people didn’t bring their A-game for Halloween. While the pics are still rolling in, these are our personal favs we’ve seen online so far.

This is an ongoing list that will be continually updated in the coming days, so please share any gems in the comments!

Most of these were found on /r/pics and /r/funny with a few from Instagram and Facebook sprinkled in. Enjoy!



1. Stand for something of fall for anything


2. That casting couch


3. Elton John


4. Rick Astley


5. Dirty Dancing


6. Aquaman


7. The St. Louis Couple


8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg


9. Instagram vs Reality


10. The Karens

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The Karen’s

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11. Amazing black light face paint


12. Going as your cat


13. When you’re only one who shows up to work in costume


14. Alien abduction


15. Slinky dog twins


16. President with Secret Service


17. Ministry of Silly Walks


18. Dwight


19. Gran


20. He was Mario in 2018, then lost 220 pounds and went as Luigi this year


21. Heavy metal band


22. This is fine


23. A year we’ll never forget


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