Nov 24, 2020

This Full Back Piece by Makkala Rose is a Masterpiece

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Artwork by Makkala Rose


Check out this incredible full back piece by tattoo artist Makkala Rose. Born and raised in New Zealand, the artist now travels the globe doing tattoos at shows and shops across the UK, US, and New Zealand.

As for this jaw-dropping piece she did for her client Sara, Makkala explains:


I arranged this composition and had a photo taken to then create this. 122 hours or so of work, fresh, peeling/healing and healed. We squeezed the actual hours into a 6 week overall span while I was in the UK so back to back sessions and 2-3 a week.


To see more stunning tattoos by Makkala check her out at the links below.

[via Colossal]


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Website | Facebook | Instagram



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