Apr 1, 2021

81-Year-Old Husband Unable to Visit Wife in Hospital Serenades Her from Courtyard

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In Italy, 81-year-old Stefano Bozzini was unable to visit his of 47 years, Carla Sacchi, due to current coronavirus restrictions in the country. Although she was hospitalized for an illness unrelated to Covid-19, Stefano was still not permitted to visit her.

Undeterred, Bozzini set up a chair in the courtyard outside of her window and serenaded her with a few of her favourite songs on accordion earlier this month.

Sadly, after being released from the hospital, Mrs. Sacchi passed away at their home a few weeks later at the age of 74. She was buried this past weekend.

“We all recognized love, in the simplicity and immediacy of its universal language,” wrote Patrizia Barbieri, the mayor of the nearby town of Piacenza, on her Facebook page on Thursday. She thanked Mr. Bozzini for a tender gesture “that reminded us what truly caring for each other means. To do everything so that the other person does not feel alone, overcoming any barrier.”

[via New York Times]




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