Apr 2, 2021

Across the Country, a Few Brave Police Officers are Standing in Solidarity

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As demonstrations, protests, and riots continue across the United States, a few law enforcement officials are taking an admirable stance—kneeling, standing, and even marching in solidarity with the protestors.

The powerful gestures have been greeted with mutual respect and acknowledgement that there are deep-rooted issues that need to be addressed and fixed.

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1. Flint, Michigan



Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson joins protesters as they walk for George Floyd.




2. Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County, Florida



Law enforcement officials across various departments of Miami-Dade county take a knee in solidarity and prayer with protestors at an organized march in Coral Gables.



3. Fargo, North Dakota



A Fargo police office holds hands with protest organizers and a sign that says, ‘We are one race… The Human race.’



4. Houston, Texas




The Houston Police Department’s Chief of Police, Art Acevedo, makes an impassioned plea at a protest in Houston.



5. Santa Cruz, California



Members of the Santa Cruz Police Department take a knee in memory of George Floyd and bringing attention to police violence against black people at a gathering on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz.



6. Camden, New Jersey



Police officers in Camden, New Jersey stand and march in solidarity with peaceful protestors rallying against racial injustice.



7. Kansas City, Missouri



Police officers in Kansas City, Missouri hold up a protest sign pleading for an end to police brutality.



8. Portland, Oregon



A group of police officers in Portland, Oregon take a knee in solidarity with protestors.



9. Ferguson, Missouri




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