Apr 2, 2021

This Couple Made a Miniature Art Museum for their Gerbils and it’s the Best

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Meet Pandoro & Tiramisù, two 9-month-old gerbil brothers currently in self-quarantine with their owners, Filippo Lorenzin and his partner, Marianna.

Lorenzin works for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, so he had a good idea for what the miniature art museum needed for an authentic experience. Meanwhile, Marianna was in charge of the art, creating ‘gerbil’ versions of iconic artworks by Vermeer, Klimt, and Munch.

From the wall labels, to the viewing bench, and the sign kindly asking guests ‘not to chew’, it’s the attention to detail that elevates this fun project into the realm of awesome.

You can follow the latest adventures of Pandoro & Tiramisù on Instagram and keep up with Lorenzin on Twitter.











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