Apr 3, 2021

A Truck Driver Recorded His Travels Since 2012 and Mapped the Results

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Map created by dancingchopstix on reddit


Reddit user and professional truck driver, dancingchopstix, has been recording his travels as a professional truck driver since 2012 and recently mapped the results.

In the comment thread on reddit, he provided some additional information and stories about his experiences:

– Originates from South Central, PA

– “I use an app called Fog of World to record my GPS tracks. The app allows you to generate a custom image such as this. This map accounts for roughly 750,000 miles. I have traveled many of these roads multiple times.”

– “My longest run was from Edison, NJ to Seattle, WA.There have been times when I woke up and it was 90 degrees in GA and went to bed and it was 20 degrees in Indiana”

– Which road do you hate the most?
Indiana and Michigan. Their roads are always beat to hell

– Which state takes the best care of its roads in your view?
Texas has nice roads, but then they really dont have nasty winters either.

– Where was your favorite spot?
Oh, there are so many wonderful places I love to stop at. The Pacific NW is my favorite part of the country to visit.

You can find some additional maps below that show a bit more detail of specific areas. If you are interested in reading more, check out the original post on reddit!
Click here to see the full resolution map









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