Apr 3, 2021

Amateur Photographer’s Perfect Bald Eagle Reflection Photo Goes Viral

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When Canadian amateur photographer, Steve Biro, set out that morning to shoot his favourite subject, he already had the shot he wanted in mind. In an interview with CBC, he said he tried a year prior to get a similar shot with no success.

After hundreds of photos taken that day at the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Vittoria, Ontario, Biro stumbled across the perfect frame when going through the shots at home.

Staring directly at his camera, the bald eagle squared up perfectly with both wings touching the water. Its reflection forming a circle of natural beauty.

“He was actually trying to brush me away from where I was perched. I could feel the breeze from his wings as he flew over me. The other people who were there were gasping as he came over my head. It was really quite exhilarating,” Biro told the BBC.

Beyond the simple narrative of ‘right place, right time’, is one of vision and perseverance. Steve had a shot in mind and he went and put himself in a position to make it a reality. He also didn’t give up when it didn’t work out the year prior. And that ‘perfect shot’ was one of hundreds he took that day. It was good fortune, but Steve did what he could to allow that opportunity to manifest itself.

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