Apr 3, 2021

People are Sharing Photos That Confuse Them and Now My Brain Hurts (21 Pics)

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A subreddit called r/confusing_perspective is fast approaching 1 million subscribers (861K as of this posting), describing itself as: ‘The place for puzzling perspectives, confusing angles, and missing context.’

And that sums it up quite nicely. Although many of the images have been circulating online for years, the subreddit has reached a critical mass where new, original content is regularly appearing and spreading outwards.

Below you will find some of the most head-scratching images that may befuddle your senses, tickle your brain, or simply strain your eyes. Enjoy!



1. When your shorts match the water


via whywee on reddit


2. This breathtaking landscape


via @nxyxm on Twitter


3. The reflection of the lamp on these sunglasses


via youngack on reddit


4. This cat you thought was a bird


via jesusgains on reddit


5. And the gamer you thought was a dog


via @lesbicens on Twitter


6. This building looks like an orbiting space station
looking down on Earth


via 610NH on reddit


7. Okay Mr. Sassy


via Gabesdefig on reddit


8. That’s not a bridge, it’s the roof of a building,
and this was filmed from even higher up


via MyNameGifOreilly on reddit


9. What side is she on?


via colaigor on reddit


10. Just a three-legged dog licking his back


via Fatchine on reddit


11. Have you seen my body?


via 0MattyJ0 on reddit


12. When you realize the hallway you’re looking down
is actually the top of a stairwell (looking down)


via gpinsand on reddit


13. Hands on knees, legs behind kids


via BeardoGREG on reddit


14. This team has a giant unfair advantage


via Fede-K on reddit


15. The Hills of San Francisco


via TacoPvP on reddit


16. When your barber gives you that tight lineup


via @yeseniagarrcia on Twitter


17. I, for one, welcome our new squirrel overlords


via SlowMagenta on reddit


18. Luke Skywalker


via imLanky on reddit


19. Stage 5 floater


via whywee on reddit


20. Weird flex, but ok


via Graantje Pappie


21. The longer you stare the less sense it makes


via Tmorals on reddit




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