Apr 3, 2021

When You Ask Your Photographer Friend To Babysit Your Cat

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When reddit user JDMcompliant’s best friend asked him to babysit her cat, Jade, for a few days he happily obliged.

As a studio photographer, he also couldn’t help himself—and did a photoshoot for Jade and shared the session with the always cat-appreciate Internet.

JDCompliant said he used a simple setup: Strobe light; grey wall for backdrop; shot with a Canon 6D MK2, and 50mm prime lens (F8, 1/100). He said the biggest challenge was keeping Jade in focus since she was constantly moving. Anyway, enjoy!









This guy added some lasers for the classic 80s studio portrait effect



A blurry, paparazzi-style photo of Jade eating house plants! Busted!



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