Apr 4, 2021

Two Cats Have Been Trolling Museum Security for Over 2 Years Now

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For the last two years, an orange cat named Gosaku and a black cat named Ken-Chan have been keeping security guards at the Onomichi Museum of Art on their toes.

The resident cats (both are owned by a nearby restaurant in the neighborhood), have made a habit of hanging out by the museum’s entrance. Sometimes they’ll taunt the security guards by approaching the sliding doors while other times they merely nap close enough that the guards must remain alert.

The museum’s guests and employees have taken a fond liking towards the unofficial mascots and pictures and videos of them are widely circulated online. This has led to some Internet fame which has only heightened the ‘cat and mouse’ game between the two cheeky felines and the museum’s security guards.

To keep up with their latest antics, you can follow the museum’s official twitter account where they routinely share pictures and videos of the cats any time they decide to drop by.

Many media outlets have been quick to assume that the museum and its guards have been preventing Gosaku and Ken-Chan from entering; but if you know cats, you know they could 100% get in if they wanted to. Personally, I think they’re simply toying with their human counterparts.
























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