Apr 8, 2021

Son Finds Old Letter Sent to His Mom and You Can See Why She Saved It

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Reddit user jacques4801 recently shared an old letter he found that had been sent to his Mom and when you read it you can see why she decided to keep it.



Dear Mrs. Ruffin:
I have decided to forgive the rent on Jacques’ trumpet. You do not have to pay me any more for the trumpet. It is yours to play.
However, if Jacques drops out of band and stops playing the trumpet, will you return it to me so I can give it some other deserving student.
I have been through bad times like you. But remember Tough times never last, Tough people do.
Maybe, you can help some other student someday when times are better.
Sincerely yours,
James W. Jones


Jacques has been so moved by the letter and subsequent response from the reddit community that he set up a GoFundMe page for students wanting to learn to play an instrument, but are unable to so because of finances:


“I had no knowledge of this letter until I found it three days ago in the hallway closet. The letter touched my heart. Reading the letter brought me to near tears and I wondered how life would’ve turned out if it wasn’t for the kindness of James W. Jones. His act of kindness enabled me to participate in band throughout middle school and high school. The letter has inspired me to start this fundraiser for students in need wanting to learn to play an instrument. The money will be donated to local music programs to ensure that every student that is interested in learning to play an instrument will have the ability to do so.”


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