Jul 15, 2021

5 Interesting Maps That Use the United States as a Reference Point

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In the compilation of maps below we see a map of the contiguous United States used as a reference for explaining the relative size and location of other places in the world (and solar system).

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1. If the Mediterranean Sea was in North America


Map by GappyJostar on reddit



2. The United States and Canada at the Same Latitudes as Europe


Map by UltraWorlds on reddit



3. If the World’s Population* Lived in One City (data from 2011)


Map by Tim De Chant/Per Square Mile



4. Using Colorado to Show How the Mercator Projection Skews Size from the Equator to North Pole


Map by h2ppyme using The True Size Of…



5. US/North America on the Surfaces of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter


Map by boredboarder8 on reddit


Map by John Brady/Astronomy Central



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