Jul 15, 2021

Spaghetti Got a Knit Sweater for Christmas and Couldn’t Be Happier

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Photograph by Rancor_Emperor on reddit


Four years ago, reddit user Rancor_Emperor (aka Sean) became the adopted parent of ‘Spaghetti’, a cute little corn snake that had previously been owned by his old roomate.

After his roomie got accepted into a Masters program overseas, he was unable to bring Spaghetti and asked his friends and family on Facebook if anyone could adopt him. Having lived with him for two years when they were roomates, Sean took Spaghetti in and has been caring for him ever since.

This year for Christmas, his sister knitted Spaghetti a sweater (which is more like a tube) by crocheting yarn over a piece of PVC pipe. The sweater doesn’t stay on him, he more or less crawls into the sweater tube and once he’s bored, he just wiggles right out of it on his own.

[via reddit, the dodo]





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