Nov 6, 2021

Amazing Swirling Landscapes Made From Air Dry Clay By Alisa Lariushkina

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Alisa Lariushkina is an artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania that has gained a large following on Instagram for her amazing swirling landscapes made from air dry clay.

Air dry clay differs from the traditional polymer oven-bake clay, in that it hardens at room temperature as opposed to polymer oven-bake clay, which is hardened at a high temperature and typically baked in a kiln. You can read some pros and cons about both clays here if you’re interested.

The individual pieces of clay that make up each artwork are by formed by hand and glued together. The swirling landscapes conjure up comparisons to impressionist style paintings and Van Gogh’s trademark swirls in works like Starry Night. For more, check out Alisa’s work on Instagram.

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