Jan 27, 2022

One-Legged Motivational Speaker Reveals Amazing Halloween Costumes

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Each year, Josh Sundquist unveils his Halloween costume, and 2020’s “Groot” was a stunner! But he doesn’t stop there. Josh is not only a talented costume designer, he’s also a cancer survivor, comedian, motivational speaker, author, and athlete. After battling a rare form of cancer as a child, Josh’s leg was amputated. By age 13, he was cancer-free and (quite literally) off to the races.

Josh’s costume reveals started several years ago when his wife suggested he dress as the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. The photo went viral and ever since he’s been dressing in unusual Halloween ensembles made possible by the unique shape of his body.

For more of Josh’s incredible story, visit his website or follow him on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.


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