Mar 8, 2022

This Guy Made an Entire Guitar out of Ocean Trash

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Musician and craftsman Burls Art seems to have found a very specific niche on YouTube – building guitars out of stuff nobody makes guitars with. His previous creations have been constructed via coffee beans, Legos, colored pencils, skateboards, etc. But this time, he’s added a slightly more altruistic overtone by extracting, and repurposing, ocean trash.

Partnering with 4 Ocean – an organization taking on the Herculean task of cleaning up our planet’s waters – Burls set about gathering, grinding, melting, and molding discarded plastic in order to create a truly unique and especially stunning six string electric guitar. The functional components are all stock of course – there’s the standard knobs, strings, pickup, etc. But the body is one of a kind.

And after all that, does it actually work? Watch to the end to see the big musical demo reveal.


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