Image gallery for: ���roy the art ��� on instagram ������� chibi moon ���� ��� sailor chibi moon is the last character of our series she is the daughter of sailor moon and tuxedo mask in the series she will marry her own prince helios chibiusa the civilian identity of sailor chibi moon traveled through time at various points in the series using sailor pluto���s key of space time chibiusa has another evil version called black lady known as wicked lady during the days of the black moon clan when she was infused with the energies of the malefic black crystal causing the black moon insignia to appear on her head sailor chibi moon performed well with many japanese fans and was ranked really high on the official sailor moon in the future she is destined to become the next sailor moon and she has her own group of warriors protecting her the new generation of bodyguards include sailor ceres sailor pallas sailor juno and sailor westar together known as the sailor quartet another long series has finally been completed and thank you very much for supporting me during the time i worked on this collection 10 characters are now finally released ��and the full set is available on my etsy shop in photo prints it may take a few more days for the bookmark and sticker version to be introduced �� what is the next series you want me to draw ���� artstagram sailormoon sailormoonfanart sailormoondrawing chibimoon chibiusa sailorchibimoon sailorchibiusa goddess goddesses digitalpaintings sailorsenshi sailorscouts sailorscout fanartdrawing digitalartist artistofinstagram girldrawing fanarts drawthisinyourstyle digitalart drawing artstation procreatedrawing roytistoart

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