Oct 29, 2018

3D-Printed, Scale Model of the Solar System Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

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Etsy shop Little Planet Factory has created a 3D-printed, 1:1.5 billion scale model of our Solar System. The 8 model planets’ diameter can be found below:

– Mercury: 3.2 mm
– Venus: 8.0 mm
– Earth: 8.4 mm
– Mars: 4.5 mm
– Jupiter: 93.2 mm
– Saturn: 77.6 mm
– Uranus: 33.8 mm
– Neptune: 32.8 mm

Little Planet Factory also make other cool sets including the Sun and Earth to scale, the Galilean moons (4 largest moons of Jupiter) and more. You can find all of their sets on Etsy.

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