Oct 29, 2018

Artist Designs Universal Typeface That Combines Braille With English Alphabet

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Braille Neue is a universal typeface that combines braille with existing characters. Designed by Kosuke Takahashi, this typeface communicates to both the sighted and blind people in the same space. The aim is to use this universal typeset for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to create a universal space where anyone can access information.



Braille Neue draws reference from past works:

VisualBraille (2009)” by Christopher Heller
Braille Fonts (2014)” by Larysa Kurak
Blind words(2015)” by Nuria López



For more information visit the official site for Braille Neue as well as Kosuke Takahashi’s personal website.

[h/t Colossal]


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